Me at field survey. East-Kalimantan, 1998.

Me at field survey. East-Kalimantan, 1998.

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Laju Gandharum, my friends called me Lajung or Laju and my relatives called me Gagan. I am interested in Geography, Geographic Information System, GPS, Surveying and Remote Sensing.  Actually I like those things not only because I’m interested but also because my background education and my job have strong relation on those  fields.

I also like cartoon, photography, graphic design and funny things. I used to camping and hiking but not now coz I’m too busy…it’s joke, actually I’m too old to climb and to survive in jungle!!

OK, that is enough about me..more over lets imagine me through  my  ‘scratches’  words in this blog.

Guys!! Feel free to leave some comments then I’ll know you’ve visited this blog…

Thank you very much.

  1. mampir dulu om lajung

  2. Salam kenal. Sy harus manggil Mas atau Pak ya?

  3. salam kenal mas..sy forester yg lg belajar GIS. fb; ashoclean@yahoo.com & twett ; ashok_forester…buat tugas akhir mas. kl boleh minta no HP nya mas buat komunikasi lebih lanjut berbagi info..salam

  4. Salam kenal mas Gagan, saya juga penggemar GIS, terutama dalam GIS kelautan. Izin serap dan bagi ulang ilmu nya ya..

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